Private Business Coaching with Grace



Private Business Coaching with Grace 

I appreciate your interest in collaborating with me as your Coach. One of the many reasons I am passionate about Coaching is the growth I witness in the personal and professional lives of my clients. I get to support the people I work with to strategize their plans, set meaningful goals, establish agreed upon action steps, elevate their thinking, improve performance and results, and achieve success as they define it.

Coaching is best known for accelerating success and high performance. 

Consistent Call Schedule

Twelve 30-minute Coaching Calls. To ensure we maximize our moments, I ask that you call me with the following prepared:

  1. A completed Coaching Call Preparation Sheet that is delivered to me preferably 1-day prior to our scheduled call.
  2. Be in an environment that supports focus. I encourage you to have a coaching notebook or a place where you can take consistent notes.
  3. Timeliness is essential. I request that you call the pre-established phone number or Skype at the agreed upon time to receive your full 30-minute call.
  4. A willingness to share your wins from the previous week and any challenges that may have hindered progress towards your goal.
  5. You are welcome to record your coaching calls for personal use only. Many clients appreciate that they can re-listen to the coaching interaction and often expand upon their original ideas, learn strategies they can apply when coaching others, and have a record of their progress.
  6. When needed, I also offer two 15-minute just in time laser-coaching interactions throughout the duration of our coaching agreement.

Follow-up Assessment & Reset

Upon completion of the initial Coaching Agreement, we will have an opportunity to assess your results and how the coaching relationship impacted you. We mutually determine what is most appropriate and will ultimately support you best:

  1. Reset our coaching agreement.
  2. Take a break or conclude the coaching relationship.

Coaching Agreement

By completing this registration form you are agreeing to the terms outlined above. You understand that your investment in coaching with Grace is non-refundable.


Once you have submitted your registration for “Private Business Coaching with Grace”

  1. A receipt will be emailed to you directly.
  2. We will reach out to schedule your initial coaching call.
  3. You will receive a Coaching Call Preparation Form to complete and submit in advance of each of your calls.

It is my intention to see you multiply your return on investment and become one of many coaching success stories. I look forward to connecting with you soon.