Accelerate to Elevate – Nov-Dec 2017


Leadership Development & Group Coaching with Grace K Hao



Leadership Development & Group Coaching with Grace Hao

Leaders often share that they are the source of inspiration, ideas, and development for their team. Yet, they too, have a desire to be inspired, access innovative ideas, and be developed into the best version of themselves.

Accelerate to Elevate supports leaders to virtually “plug-in” and recharge 1 time per week, for 1 hour, and a total of 6 webinars. The initial 30-minutes of each webinar will be focused on equipping you as a Leader of Leaders. The remaining 30-minutes of each webinar will be invested in coaching 2 – 3 individuals who express an interest in overcoming challenges, strategizing business growth opportunities, or those who have a desire for greater clarity.

Leaders of Leaders

Throughout this series of webinars you will learn:

  • Coaching – when you confidently coach your team to clarify their goals, identify their why, and overcome any adversities they may face in their business, success accelerates.
  • Self-Coaching – a skill for self-development and performing at your best through asking yourself quality questions that challenge, inspire and guide you to experience growth and progress.
  • Healthy Time Boundaries – is an opportunity to align your thoughts, actions and time resources with your values and vision.
  • Communicating with Impact – the communicator with the greatest flexibility can create mutually beneficial connections.
  • Engaging the Purchase – discover a unique and rewarding client focused approach to sales and service.
  • Facilitation – how to impart knowledge and wisdom in a manner that people can easily comprehend, retain and apply.


Six Webinars – Time Duration
30-minutes of Training on a specific topic and 30-minutes of Group Coaching

Webinar Time & Dates
6 PM – 7 PM Eastern Time

  • Tuesday, November 7
  • Tuesday, November 14
  • Tuesday, November 21
  • Tuesday, November 28
  • Tuesday, December 5
  • Tuesday, December 12

Each webinar will be recorded and made available to registered participants