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Facilitation Training

Great facilitation aligns individuals and inspires the group to collectively explore, strategize and communicate. The facilitator sets the tone for an effective group dynamic and engaged environment. A few of the many aspects of facilitation we address:

  1. Designing Successful Outcomes
  2. Developing an Atmosphere of Synergy, Trust & Respect
  3. Eliciting Challenges, Opportunities & Requirements
  4. Encouraging Solution-Oriented Thinking
  5. Forming Shared Responsibility
  6. Accelerating Strategic Decisions.

Elements of Facilitation

The following are a few of the practical Elements of Facilitation. Each of these segements can be isolated and applied seperately. Keep in mind, they work best and are most impactful when they are integrated as a whole.

Preparation & Planning | Floor Skills | Body Language | Staging


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