Coaching Services

Transporting valued people from where they are to where they prefer to be.

Private Coaching

Thank you for your interest in collaborating. One of the many reasons we are passionate about Coaching is the growth we witness in the personal and professional lives of our clients. We get to support the people we work with to strategize a plan, set meaningful goals, establish agreed action, elevate their thinking, improve performance and results, and achieve success as they define it.



Interested in more information about engaging our Coaching Services?  Email Grace@CoachwithGrace.com

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an opportunity to consistently leverage time, resources, and experience with a multitude of individuals. It offers a safe and unique environment for you to:

  • Be Coached
  • Observe others being coached
  • Learn coaching best practices to apply as you lead.
  • Give and receive compassionate feedback.
Leverage Time

A Group Coaching environment is often desirable for people who have an interest in the personal and professional benefits that coaching can initiate and sustain. This option offers a time efficient way for individuals and groups from multiple organizations to experience the extra “edge” that coaching delivers.

Leverage Resources

Group Coaching is an attractive alternative for organizations that are interested in an economical option to access the value of coaching.

Leverage Experience

Group Coaching offers a strategic advantage for each person to tap into collective wisdom and insightful ideas, e.g., The Coach, the person being coached, and the remarks from those observing the coaching interactions.

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