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Awaken Innovation – Challenge Growth – Develop Leadership

Coach Excellence School

Our course curriculum offers a systematic approach to coaching that has been proven effective for more than 19 years. This innovative program has been designed and continues to be enhanced by master coaches, executive coaches and professionals.


Coaching is an essential leadership behaviour and best practice. Establishing a coaching culture within an organization fosters independence, ownership, accountability, collaboration, and commitment. Professional coaching development supports local, state, and federal agencies to set and model a high standard of leadership excellence.

Access Description – Coach School for Government


Successful corporations will be held accountable and urged to prioritize strategic professional development. Human capital may not be listed on a companies balance sheet and it is a prized intangible asset. When an Executive is trained and applying coaching competencies with their peers and direct reports, studies reveal elevated engagement, greater job satisfaction, higher supervisor effectiveness scores, and increased loyalty.

Access Description – Coach School for Executives


Coaching supports administrative teams to inspire high performance, apply empowering communication skills and work cooperatively. The application of coaching skills with students impacts open dialogue, student/teacher receptivity to feedback, clearly defines student/teacher responsibilities, engages co-construct learning opportunity/assessment criteria and beyond.

Coaching facilitates excellence in a way that supports administrators and teachers to awaken student innovation, challenge growth and inspire leadership.

Access Description – Coach School for Educators


Coaching is a form of professional development that awakens the best in people, reveals strengths and talents, cultivates efficient and effective teams, and grooms resilient leaders. Coaching facilitates in a manner that inspires people to take initiative, increase commitment and accelerate leadership.

Access Description – Coach School for Leaders


Innovative coaching and communication disciplines support new and loyal clients to identify how the company products or services can add value to their lives. When customers are engaged, they purchase with enthusiasm. Coaching skills transform how sales professionals connect, build relationships and empower the people they serve.

Access Description – Coach School for Sales & Service