Accelerate to Elevate

Known for accelerating success and high performance.


Leaders often share that they are the source of inspiration, ideas, and development for their team. Yet, they too, have a desire to be inspired, access innovative ideas, and be developed into the best version of themselves.

Accelerate to Elevate supports leaders to virtually “plug-in” and recharge. Each webinar is focused on equipping you as a Leader of Leaders.


Throughout this series you will learn:

  • Coaching – when you confidently coach your team to clarify their goals, identify their why, and overcome any adversities they may face in their business, success accelerates.
  • Self-Coaching – a skill for self-development and performing at your best through asking yourself quality questions that challenge, inspire and guide you to experience growth and progress.
  • Healthy Time Boundaries – is an opportunity to align your thoughts, actions and time resources with your values and vision.
  • Communicating with Impact – the communicator with the greatest flexibility can create mutually beneficial connections.
  • Engaging the Purchase – discover a unique and rewarding client focused approach to sales and service.
  • Facilitation – how to impart knowledge and wisdom in a manner that people can easily comprehend, retain and apply.


Six On-Demand Webinars
30-minutes of Training on a specific topic.



The day-of the event, Grace not only arrived early to greet our attendees, it was like she had known us forever. That special rapport allowed our constituents to achieve trust and candor in a very short period of time, freeing us all to absorb Grace’s engaging skills and expertise. Course content was a valuable blend of theory and practical tools, techniques and role play. The session was fun, high energy and the evaluations were stellar. The only negative feedback we received was not having more time!

As busy professionals with many demands on our time, it is often easy to make excuses of why there is not enough time and resources to sharpen our coaching and leadership skills. Grace is able to cut through those barriers and inspire leaders to be our best versions of ourselves through the art and technique of coaching. Dena Jenson, Director

Director, Center for Nonprofit Leadership, California Lutheran University


First of all I wanted to say thank you for the call series. I really learned a lot from this series. I learned that I need to be more flexible in my life and in my business. I also have learned that I need to encourage my recruits more and to listen to what they want not what I want for them. After all, this is is their business not yours. I can recruit and encourage people. I don’t have to be afraid if they will say no. I have to learn to support their vision and help out when they need it. Goals are possible.

Thank you again
Mahalo Helen Adams

Alicia Lokai

Executive Senior Cadillac Sales Director, Mary Kay

In attending Coaching School for the first time, my passion to become a Coaching Leader was born.  I quickly realized that in the past, I was serving as a Mentor, a Trainer, a Cheerleader and in some cases even a Counselor for my consultants.  This approach was not serving my team nor I.

In learning how to ask more questions and do less “telling,” I notice my team having more clarity and taking more responsibility for their businesses.

Since Coaching is proven to create more rapid results, I also saw the benefits of having a Coach for myself.  I reached out to because I wanted to be coached and learn from the best of the best, and was thrilled when she agreed to take me on as a client!

Coaching with Grace has made me a better wife, a better mom, and a better leader.  Not only am I getting better results, but I find myself having more clarity and being more prepared for what lies ahead.  I also find myself being a much more effective communicator with everyone I live life with! Marni Hendricks

Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay

Grace is a bright, resourceful trainer and educator who cares deeply for people and is very skilled at facilitating learning. These skills are obvious when observing as she teaches in many settings. Grace is one of those special people who can connect with people and facilitate their learning using a variety of learning strategies. She has that rare ability to put theory into practice in an entertaining, practical, and useful  manner. Grace is extremely well prepared and thought out in presenting concepts. She scaffolds instruction, systematically addressing the learning concepts involved.

She has a love of learnin and sharing with others. I believe she is driven to serve and learn from those she teaches, so they grow and develop their ability and skills. I have had the privilege of workin with many trainers and educators in my career, including at the high school and university level. I would rate Grace in the top 1% of educators and trainers I have ever observed. John Hackett, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor, University of St. Francis

Dear Grace,

Thank you so very much for facilitating the Accelerate to Elevate call series. I found the calls invaluable and have listened to several more than once.  Your call series helped me look at different areas in my life and what I could do to be a better person, consultant and friend.  The manner in which you have presented material was insightful and helped me review and renew how I look at connecting with others and the impact I can make with my business.

I so looked forward to the calls and the information you shared.  This was a beneficial training and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to gain insights into running their business better and making more meaningful connections with those they encounter.

It would be an honor if you choose to share this with others who might want to know about this series.  You are such a gift and I am so glad I got the opportunity to hear your words. Merri Millard

Independent Senior Consultant, Thirty-One Gifts

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